Halo! Welcome to my island. 

Flores has long been a springboard to Komodo National Park – home of the famous Komodo dragons – but the island has much more to offer. The western end of Flores with its archipelago of beautiful Savannah islands – Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Kanawa, Seraya – offers some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in Indonesia. Heading east, highlights include the UNESCO Heritage Site of Wae Rebo – a remote highland village which is only accessible via a 3 hour uphill trek, Liang Bua Cave dubbed as “Hobbit Caves” where remains of miniature humans (Homo floresiensis) were found and the traditional Ngada villages. Further east are Riung 17 Islands Marine Nature Reserve and the tri-coloured Kelimutu Lake which changes colour at different times of the day. The volcanoes dotted island with its numerous mountains (Mount Mbeiling, Mount Inerie, Mount Ebulobo), waterfalls (Cunca Wulang, Cunca Cami) and hot springs is a trekking paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.


Types of Tours


From relaxing on the beach to sleeping under the stars, we would love to help you experience Flores in the best way for you. Let us know how much of an adventure you are looking for and we can plan your perfect trip to paradise. 


Take a tour around the island to experience the beauty and culture. From traditional villages to volcanoes to spider web rice fields to hot springs we can plan the perfect trip for you.


Take your adventure off the beaten path and stay the night at some of the most unique locations the island has to offer. Enjoy the peacefulness and wake up to beautiful views.


A vacation to Flores isn't complete without going to Komodo National Park, snorkeling in the crystal clear water, swimming with Mantas Rays, and watching the magical sunset. All you have to do is decide how many days you want to spend in paradise.


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