As Flores is part of a volcanic belt which stretches from Sumatra through Java and Bali to the Banda Sea, more than 17 volcanoes lie on this around 400km long, snake-shaped island. The highest, still-active volcanoes are Mount Egon (1703m) in Sikka District and Mount Inerie (2245m) in the Ngada District. The most famous volcano is the extinct Kelimutu with its tri-colored crater lakes, shimmering in green, turquoise, and black-red. Wawo Muda is the latest volcano to emerge in Flores, exploding in 2001 and leaving behind a mini-Kelimutu, complete with several small crater lakes coloured variously burnt orange, yellow and green.  Although many of the volcanoes in Flores are not classified as active, they display a number of post-volcanic formations worth seeing, such as calderas, basalt columns, and volcanic lakes.

Waterfalls & Lakes

From the mountainous in-land of Flores, several beautiful streams find their way downwards through waterfalls. Almost all waterfalls in Flores have spectacular views and are located in the rainforests of the island, including the Cunca Wulang waterfall.  Another impressive waterfall is Cunca Rami, with its many pretty pools that offer a refreshing, natural swimming experience, it makes a fantastic day trip from Labuan Bajo. 


Hot Springs

Travelers coming to the Ngada district often visit Mangeruda (Soa) and Malanage Hot Springs to escape chilly Bajawa and enjoy the warm water that flows from a river under the shade of coconut trees with beautiful scenery. The hot springs are visited by local people, especially during the time of a holiday. According the local people beliefs, the hot spring can be used for traditional medication especially for the skin problem. Visitors are welcome to use all areas of the hot springs. Some pools have been especially designed for visitors, including a large, artificial pool that offers space for quite a lot of people.

Rice Fields

You’ll see beautiful views of traditional and spider web (lingko) fields as you travel around Flores. One of the best examples of a spider web rice field is in at Cancar, around 17 kilometres west of Ruteng. The most amazing view over a number of these fields is offered at Cara Village situated on a small hill. With their round, spider-web structure, these pieces of land are unique eye-catchers in Manggarai.



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