Fligt From Bali to Labuan Bajo, pickup from airport go to hotel for cek in. (If still have time can go to miror stone cave and sunset point in Labuan Bajo


Day 2

After breakfast go to hourbor for Komodo boat trip 2D 1N sleep on the boat. From Labuan Bajo we go to kelor island, rinca Island to see dragon and trekking, padar Island, and stay near komodo island in Kalong Island area.


Day 3

From Kalong Island sailing to Komodo island make trekking again to see a dragon in Komodo island. Breakfast on the boat when do sailing. After trekking and see dragon continue sailing to PINK beach for swimming and snorkeling, manta point, taka MAKASAR and go back to Labuan Bajo. Stay at hotel in Labuan Bajo.


Day 4

After breakfast go to rangko cave, from there drekly to Cunca Wulan waterfall with short trekking. From Cunca wulan continue to spiderweb risefield, we stay there by tent, (camping on top of hill view point)


Day 5

All of us together packing all equipment and go down hill for breakfast, after that continue our journey to ruteng, ranamese lake, Arak process factory, belaragi Traditional village, and gurusina village. Stay a night in gurusina village. After dinner go to malanage hotspring, enjoy the hotspring at night before sleep.


Day 6

From gurusina village make a trekking to tololela village and continue to bena Village,  (transportation wait in bena Village) from there go to bajawa and ogi waterfall, continue to riung but stop in So'a Hotspring. Stay a night in riung


Day 7

After breakfast go to hourbor for 17 island trip by boat and stay a night on island by tent camping. (From hourbor to Kalong Island to see a flying fox, Tiga island, snorkeling and lunch, tembang island snorkling, and rutong island for camping.


Day 8

Before leave island still posible have one snorkling on the back of rutong island, and go to riung. From hourbor continue drive to moni. Stop at blue stone beach. Stay a night in moni


Day 9

Wake up early morning for Sunrise, leave hotel at 04:00am to kelimutu, back hotel for breakfast and continue to lepolorun, on way back stop at koka beach and stay a night in koka beach. Sleep on tent camping.


Day 10

After breakfast from koka beach go to Ende also on the way visit saga Village. Ini Ende if have time can go see the market or sunset point on black sand beach. Stay a night in ENDE


Day 11

Morning flight to sumba Island. Rive in sumba at tambolaka waikelo, continue to Waingapu (east Sumba) on the way stop at, waikelo sawah underground river, tarung village, the tombs are in pasunga village, tanah deru jungle, make a short walking, and wairinding hill for sunset. Stay in Waingapu at hotel


Day 12

After breakfast go to tenggedu waterfall with little trekking around 45 minit, Puru kambera beach and Savana,  and walakiri beach for sunset and stay there on tent camping.


Day 13

After breakfast walakiri, Rende village, waimarang waterfall, Waingapu, prai ijing village, waikabubak



After breakfast lapopu waterfall, watu bela beach, marosi beach, drekly to pero Beach, stay at homestay in pero.


Day 15

After breakfast, ratenggaro village, Bawana beach, tanjung Marea, waikuri Laguna lake, mandora beach, tambolaka. Stay a night in tambolaka at hotel


Day 16

After breakfast go to budaya house of Sumba culture and to airport for taking fligt back to bali



‌all airplan tickets from Bali - Flores - sumba - Bali

‌all accommodation follow itenerary

‌tranportation all place plus driver

‌boat with snorkling gear

‌kayak and stand up paddle board

‌tent for camping

‌food. breakfast, lunch, dinner

‌all ticket vee for village and national park

‌personal guide 

‌little softener for Flores and sumba island




‌** 2 poeple, per person is $ 3,100 in total = $ 6,200

‌** 3 poeple, per person is $ 2,800 in total =  $ 8,400

‌** 4 until 8 people, per person is $ 2,500

‌** 9 until 10 people, per person is $ 2,400



Hotels will be arranged based on the number of people and availability during the time of your trip. Standard hotel rooms include either one queen or two twin beds, bathroom with shower and western toilet, towels, and breakfast. Hotels do not have air condition




Prepare for your trip

Flores is a large, mountainous island which results in temperature changes from one city to the next. Make sure you bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, etc. but also bring clothes for colder temperatures. It gets chilly at night in the mountains. Along with your sandals bring shoes for trekking and a day pack for day trips/overnight. A light rain jacket and bug spray are good to bring, especially during rainy season. Bring clothes and shoes that are comfortable, life on the island is casual. Please dress conservatively while visiting traditional villages.

Wifi on the island is limited. Bring a book or deck of cards, or whatever entertainment that doesn't require Wifi if you would like. 



Transportation plus petrol

Hotel Accommodations (including breakfast)

Food & Accommodations for Driver (English speaking)

Entrance Fees

Mineral Water


Lunch & Dinner